Any surgical procedure is a major concern in our lives. Of course, nobody wishes to undergo a surgical procedure; however over 15 million people in the United States every year undergo a surgery to address issues ranging from life-saving operations to aesthetics.


While most of us are quite nervous before a procedure, there are ways that we can prepare to ensure that the procedure and recovery run more smoothly. These tips are, of course, should not be substituted for advice from a thorough conversation in your pre-op consultations with your surgeon.

  • It is very important to understand the procedure itself. Doing so can often eliminate many of the jitters associated with a fear of the unknown. Understanding how the procedure is performed, the possible complications and what to expect is always very helpful.
  • Getting a little healthier before surgery is also conducive to an uneventful procedure. First and foremost you must stop smoking. Eating well, especially a diet high in protein, leafy greens and fruits is helpful too. Exercising and losing some excess weight before a procedure can also reduce the strain on your body – this may lead to a quicker recovery after surgery.
  • Prepare for life after surgery. Make sure that you have a family member or friend to bring you home from the hospital. Also be sure that your caretaker is fully aware of your physical limitations and how to care for your incisions. If you have any questions at all about the post-surgical requirements, don’t hesitate to speak to your surgeon or physician.
  • Finally, be sure to discuss any relevant medical information with your surgeon before surgery – no matter how trivial they may seem. Understanding your lifestyle and habits can help your surgeon mitigate some of the possible risks of surgery specific to your circumstances. This is not a time to withhold information for any reason.

Just remember, ask many questions and learn as much as you can to help ensure a safe and effective procedure.

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