One of the hardest things to do – bariatric patient or not – is to maintain proper diet and exercise when you take a trip either for business or pleasure. As we get into the spring and summer travel season, many of us will be taking trips that not only take us away from our home, but our healthy routine too. In order to ensure that we maintain our progress and don’t let our hard work fall by the wayside, there are a few tips to follow.


  • First, plan out meal time. Some research into restaurants near your destination may give you a glimpse into how you’ll eat when you go there. You don’t necessarily have to choose your dish days in advance, but at least understanding at least choosing a restaurant with a suitable menu makes it much easier to find and choose healthy and delicious options.
  • If you’re staying at a hotel, find one that has his fitness center and bring appropriate clothing. Many times, even budget hotels have a fitness center that can be used 24/7. Finding one of these hotels and taking advantage of their amenities can help you burn those extra calories. If the hotel at which you’re staying does not have a fitness center, most gyms have short-term memberships for a relatively low fee and are well worth it.
  • Plan activities that require exercise. Hiking trails or long walks can be very beneficial to your diet while you’re on the road. Forgoing car rides for more strenuous activities will help you maintain your exercise regimen.
  • Finally, continue to follow the tips and tricks that you have learned over the course of your weight loss journey and make sure you apply them to your vacation or trip. Just because you’re relaxing on vacation does not mean you should relax your diet. You can still enjoy many delicious items that are also healthful.

Eating on the road may be daunting but it doesn’t have to derail your progress. Hopefully your new and improved lifestyle has become second nature and you find yourself able to follow your dietary guidelines without much second thought. If you do find yourself straying, contact a trusted weight loss support partner and discuss your dilemma. Talking to someone who understands is often the best way to get right back on track.

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