Eating healthily day in day out after bariatric surgery is no easy task. Keeping healthy dietary choices intact while on the road is even harder. Many professionals who travel extensively for work make less than ideal dietary choices and often find themselves skipping the gym. The same goes for leisurely vacations. The combination can mean that post bariatric dietary and exercise necessities fall by the wayside.


Those who have undergone bariatric surgery and intend to travel should pay special attention to keeping their diet and exercise regimen on track while on the road. Some extra planning to make that a reality is doable without too much additional effort. Here are just a few tips and tricks:

It is always a good idea to choose a hotel that has a modern gym facility – ideally a pool as well. It is also important to verify that the gym’s hours of operation are suitable for your schedule. Failing that, there is always the opportunity for a day pass at a freestanding gym.

Spending some time mapping out restaurants can also be very helpful. Rather than stopping by a fast food restaurant in a rush, you should plan your meal around a restaurant near your meeting place that serves healthier foods.

Finally, bring healthy snacks and lots of water to the hotel with you. This will help you avoid going hungry between meals and then overeating at mealtime.

With some planning and a little bit of elbow grease, patients can make their travels both productive and healthy. Be conscious that every day is an opportunity to succeed through discipline and focus…travel days should be no different.

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